Shugo Chara! The New Guardians
Hostess/Storyteller: Alessa
Hostess/Storyteller: Pari-chan
Moderator: JJ
Moderator: MAB
Moderator: Marky
Honorary Mod: Zara
Staff reserves right to deny entry into room to any player for any reason they see fit, at any time.. If you feel that denial is unjust you may email Alessa and she will consider your case. Her decision at that time is final.

Spring has come, and it is June. The time of year when students graduate in the Japanese school system. Recently an era has come to an end at Seiyo Academy, with four of the five current Guardians graduating from Elementary to Middle School. Their stories are the stuff that will forever go down in Seiyo Academy’s history as legend, as well as the names associated with this group:

Hotori Tadase, King’s Chair, and leader of the Seiyo Academy Guardians

Mashiro Rima, Queen’s Chair

Fujisaki Nagihiko, Jack’s Chair

The last is a name that will forever be held in the highest regard in the Seiyo Academy: Hinamori Amu, the Joker.

These four, along with Yuiki Yaya, the Ace’s Chair, have just recently finished a battle that forever changes the lives of the students and children of Academy City.

But that is a matter of history. Looking ahead to a future as yet unwritten, a new generation of Guardians are being brought together. These are their stories, as told in their own words; stories of personal accomplishment, and of heroism and doubt. Although the sun shines down brightly on Academy City, a growing cloud threatens to loom over the city.

These are the stories of those brave children, and teens.

Come play with us in the world of Shugo Chara! The New Guardians

We will also be starting AngelBeats! RP sometime soon. The storyline’s name will be AngelBeats! Second Life and will start right after the events in the anime. Canon cees are very welcome as are Original Creations. Kanade, Otonsahi, Yui, and Hinata are already claimed by the Hostesses, but people wanting to play the other canon cees are welcome to audition.

Room Canon Couples
These relationships are considered inviolable. The players involved have invested massive amounts of play and time to seeing them come to be. Should those players wish to break those relationships, then you may approach the characters about a possible RP relationship. Except in the case of established backgrounds for the characters involved, and the backstory’s of the relationships, any outside interference, IE trying to break the couple apart IC for any other reason than great story is frowned upon.

Academy City Laws (Room Rules)<

The following are the rules of Academy City, a room on the World Broadcasting System Roleplay Site.

1. Play in Academy City requires that you follow the WBS AUP. Should you break any of the articles of the AUP, you will be warned once. Any further violations will result in a permanent ban. If you feel the ban was unwarranted, you may appeal to either of the Storytellers(Hosts). Their decisions are considered final.

2. All Hostess decisions made by Alessa or Pari-chan are FINAL. If they say no, then please respect that.

3.The room is rated Pg-13. We wish for a play experience where young people can come and play in reasonable safety. Please keep cursing to a minimum while OOC and keep it to a minimum while in IC. We understand there are times when an expletive is required in the course of RP, but let’s be adult about it.

4. We realize that sometimes a romantic RP goes further than innocent love. Should your RP lead to more Adult situations, take it to Private, either via Private Messages, or Private Room…. Or you can do as many of us do and let the scene fade to black and let the imagination take flight! In any case, obviously disregarding this rule will result in a 24 hour ban the first offense, 48 hours for the second, and permanent for the third.

5. Academy City has its own religious themes in our RPs. We realize that our own modifications to some religions may cause some adherents to be upset. While we do apologize for our own visioning of said things, we do ask any adherents of the Faith being used in play to respect the room and not cause any trouble over our usage. A warning will be the first penalty for breaking this rule, a 24 hour ban for a second offense, and then a permanent ban for a third offense. While we do recognize and appreciate the religious views of others, we simply ask that all players keep their views to themselves. This way, RP can continue unfettered. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in this manner.

6. Pictures in the room are limited to 500×500 and 175KB in size. No nudes, no sexually suggestive pictures, please.

7. If you question the validity of a picture, you can ask one of our Storytellers(Hostesses) if a picture is acceptable. If Alessa or Pari-chan say not to use a pic, then do not use it. THEIR DECISION IS FINAL. Violators will be warned the first time, banned for 24 hours the second and it goes on from there.

8. If you wish to RP, then the only way we know is if you make IC Posts. Do not just sit there in OOC and make remarks or whine, as this usually does not get our interests up. If no one is available for play, then run a solo, something to let us know about your characters. We cannot stress how many times a great group RP has grown out of someone’s soloing, so jump right in and drop some posts. You never know, you may start a great story arc that all will enjoy. Conversely, if you ask for RP and people refuse, then leave them be. Trying to pressure people into playing when they do not wish to is bad form. If an RP appears open, ask before jumping in to make sure.

9. Leave the drama at the door and splashpage. We play in Academy City to get away from the real world for a while. If you have a problem with another player, that is what the Private Message system is for. If the dispute is unresolvable by talking between the players, then please feel free to ask a Mod or one of the Storytellers to help you figure it out. Do NOT bring a private dispute public in the room, or both parties involved will be banned for a minimum of 48 hours. If you have a problem with a staff member, go to the Hosts. If your problem is with one of the hosts, then you may contact the other host, or the WBS Site Admin staff.

10. We look down on people recruiting for other rooms or sites in Academy City. In the case of recruiting for another room, violator will be banned for a period not to exceed one day (24 hours), with multiple offenses resulting in more time. If you are found to be recruiting for another site, you will be banned permanently from the room, and the incident will be reported to the WBS Admins.

11. There are same sex couples in the room. If you have a problem with said relationships, then we suggest you not enter Academy City. Entering the room and causing trouble for the players of the same sex couples will result in a 24 hour ban the first offense, 48 hours for the second offense, and a permanent ban for the third.

12. The practice of ‘trolling’ is prohibited. All room participants are expected to maintain civility and politeness in the room. Should you get caught ‘trolling’ it is an automatic ban, no questions asked, no discussion needed. Room Hosts and Mods are well aware of this policy and will enforce it the first moment they see ‘trolling’ happening. You have been warned. If you intend on ‘trolling’, then go elsewhere.

13. Should you find yourself in combat in Academy City, combat is expected to be as follows:

  • Attacker makes an attack
  • Defender gets a defensive action, then an offensive answer
    On the other hand, if you wish a truly fair combat system, we do utilize a d100 system in Academy City. Of course you may use whatever system you feel best.

    14. Godmodding will bring down the wrath of the two true Goddesses in the room, Alessa and/or Pari-chan. GODMODE AND EXPECT A PERMANENT BAN WITH NO APPEAL.

    15. Canon characters are available at the discretion of Alessa and Pari-chan. For an audition, feel free to ask.

    16. The only races allowed in Academy City are Humans, and Charas. Want to play a chara? Then feel free to do so, but be prepared to come up with the Human you are the chara for.

    17. Lastly, HAVE FUN! Academy City RP is meant to be fun. If you come in and are having a bad day, then perhaps RP is not the best thing for you. Go out, ride your bike, play some video games or anything until you are in a better mood.

Shugo Chara! The New Guardians